Time to count!

Spring 2020 Wild Pollinator Count starts Sunday 8th November. You have until Sunday 15th November to do a count. You can do as many 10 minute counts as you want, any time during the count week, from anywhere in Australia!

Find out How to Count here. Remember, each count must focus on one flowering plant. Find out more about the science behind our method on our FAQ page. You don’t need to take photos to submit a count, but you’re welcome to share them with us if you do – you can do this via email or via our iNaturalist project page.

If you’re new to identifying different types of flower visitors, check out our handy tips and online resources, incluidng our handy guide to some of the most common insect groups you will see (free to download!).

All counts must be submitted via our online form. The form will stay open after the end of the count week, to give you plenty of time to submit.

Hope you enjoy the spring, stay safe and happy counting!

Photo: Merrilyn Smith

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