About Us

We are researchers and educators who are passionate about giving wild pollinators the attention they deserve!

We run this project on our own time, but are always keen to collaborate with other organisations to build pollinator awareness around Australia.

Dr Manu Saunders is an ecologist at University of New England. She researches ecosystem services (i.e. the benefits humans gain from nature) and wild pollinator communities. Follow @ManuSaunders on Twitter.

Karen Retra is a native bee naturalist, a hobby beekeeper (honey bees) and permaculture teacher. Follow @KarenRetra on Twitter.

Dr Tobias Smith is our Queensland co-ordinator. He is a community ecologist, specifically interested in native pollinators. He also keeps native stingless bee hives and manages a native bee education business, Bee Aware Brisbane. Follow @EcologyToby on Twitter.

See the keep in touch page for more ways you can share your pollinator experiences with us and others.

If you’d like to send us a note or get in touch, see the many ways to reach us here.

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