Spring 2019 count photos

Below are some of the many photos submitted by email during this round of the count.

Click any image in the gallery below for a larger view or hover for photographer’s name and description.

While photos are optional, including them with your submission can help us to respond to any queries you have about the insects you saw.
We love to see the diversity of insects spotted!

The photos below are reproduced with the kind permission of these participants. Thanks to all who contributed.
Also a big shout out to those who also shared images or promoted the count using our #OzPollinators hashtag on social media.

If you have photos of insects visiting flowers (or other nature observations) you can also add these to nature mapping sites like iNaturalist. It’s another way to share observations and build our collective knowledge. If you’re interested, find out more by starting here.

Some of the photos submitted as part of the spring 2019 count: