Other Online Resources

Identification resources

Aussie Bee – and Australian Native Bee Resource Centre, with lots of information about Australian native bees.

Bee Aware Brisbane – Native bee education and resources  from SE Qld.

PaDIL Australian Pollinators – Search Australian bee species by name or location.

The Australian Bee Genera – Dr Tobias’ Smith’s ID guide to native bee genera (free download).

Bugwise – Australian Museum resource on identifying general groups of invertebrates.

Atlas of Living Australia – Australian biodiversity data from multiple sources, search by location, species and much more.

iNaturalist – add your photos and notes to record observations and seek assistance with ID. Join the Wild Pollinator Count project on iNaturalist to share your sightings of insects visiting flowers (both during and outside our Wild Pollinator Count periods).

CSIRO invertebrate key – basic key to work out what type of insect you have seen.

Wild pollinators in Oceania

Forgotten pollinators – Ecological Society of Australia Hot Topic on wild pollinators in agricultural landscapes

Wild Pollinators Oceania

Plant identification and anatomy

Charles Sturt University Virtual Herbarium

Flower anatomy

Australian Native Plants Society

Australian National Botanical Gardens databases

Similar projects around the world

The Great Sunflower Project (US)

Big Butterfly Count (UK)

UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (UK)