Spring 2021 count photos

Below are some of the many photos submitted during this round of the count.

Click any image in the gallery below for a larger view.

Including photos with your Wild Pollinator Count submission is entirely optional, but they can help us to respond to any queries you have about the insects you saw. We always love to see the diversity of insects spotted during the count!

The count categories are intentionally broad – you don’t need to be able to name the species you saw. The insect identification tips sheet and common pollinator insects guide are additional resources to help you report insects in these categories.

Many thanks to those whose photos appear below for granting us permission to share them. 

Also a big thank you to everyone that shared images in other ways, including via social media and by adding records to iNaturalist – those added to our project can be viewed as a gallery here.

We appreciate all photos submitted – and even if yours don’t appear here, rest assured we have used them to confirm your observations, check any ‘unsure’ listings or help to identify your plant.

Browse below for some highlights from more than 3,300 photos submitted as part of the spring count, by category.

Honey bees

Blue-banded bees

Other bees

Hover flies

Other flies

Ladybird beetles

Other beetles

Butterflies and moths

Other wasps

And to round this gallery off, some common observations that are ‘other’ (not one of the previous categories).