Autumn 2020 count results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our biggest count yet! A total of 1959 valid observations were submitted this count. Our previous record was 736 observations, in spring 2019, so this is a huge increase! The autumn 2020 count coincided with COVID-19 lockdowns around the country, so we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to take some time with nature in your backyard.

We were so overwhelmed with the number of records, it has taken us much longer than usual to summarise the data! The huge number of submissions also caused some technical issues for our website, so we apologise if you received delayed confirmation of your submissions. We are working to fix these potential issues for future counts. For those new to Wild Pollinator Count, we are an unfunded project run by two people (Manu & Karen) and we thank everyone for their patience as we work through the responses. We really appreciate the many contributions and positive feedback we get at every count!

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Thank you for contributing!

The autumn 2020 Wild Pollinator Count is now over. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this time, we hope you get as much out of watching insects on flowers as we do!

If you shared photos or links seeking help with identification please bear with us. We’re thrilled with the huge response to this round of the count and working hard to reply to those requests.

The submission form will stay open until next weekend (April 26), so you have plenty of time to submit your observations if you haven’t done so yet. We will post a results summary here on the blog in May.

See you at the spring count, 8-15 November 2020!

Hoverfly on Brachyscome by Vivien Naimo

Picture: Vivien Naimo

Last chance to count!

This weekend is your last chance to do a 10-minute count for our autumn Wild Pollinator Count!

The count ends the night of Sunday 19th April. If you haven’t done a count yet, find out how to contribute here. We won’t able to include observations done after this date, but the submission form will remain open until the 27th to give you plenty of time to submit your observations. We will post a results summary in May, once we’ve had a chance to collate all the data.

Hope you enjoyed contributing to our count this season! Our next count will be on again in spring, from 8-15 November 2020.

Leafcutter bee (Megachile sp.) by David Pope

Picture: David Pope

Last chance to count for spring 2019

Wild Pollinator Count ends this weekend! Counts can be done anywhere in Australia until Sunday night, 17 November.

We will leave the submission form open until next weekend to allow everyone time to get their counts uploaded.

Hope you enjoyed counting, wherever you were this spring. Many parts of Australia are experiencing unprecedented weather and fire conditions. It will be interesting to see how wildlife, including our wild pollinators, respond to these conditions in coming years.

If you weren’t able to count this spring, our next count will run 12-19 April 2020.

Hoverfly on Mexican Orange Blossom by Kay Muddiman


Spring 2019: time to count

Spring Wild Pollinator Count starts now, Sunday 10 November.

You can do as many 10-minute counts as you want, anywhere in Australia, until Sunday 17 November 2019. Submit your observations via our submission form. We will keep the form open for the following week to allow everyone time to get their submissions in.

Enjoy some time out with nature this week and be surprised at what you find!