Run Your Own Count Event

This guide aims to help interested groups, organisations and individuals to run their own count event in conjunction with the Wild Pollinator Count.
We encourage you to tailor your event to suit your interests and audience.

You can download the entire kit as a single PDF, or access just the parts you are interested in as individual files.

Whole Kit

  • Run your own count kit (3.3 MB)
cover image for run your own pollinator count event kit

Run your own event kit (complete)

Kit contents as individual files

  • Tips for planning and running a count event (1.2 MB)
  • Count tally sheet (0.1 MB)
  • How to count and frequently asked questions (0.2 MB)
  • Flyer with room for your event details (0.6 MB)
  • Quick guide to insect identification for the count (0.4 MB)
Tips for planning and running a count event

Tips for planning and running a count event

Tally sheet image

Printable tally sheet

WPC How to count

How to count pollinators and FAQs

Wild Pollinator Count event flyer - custom

Promote your Wild Pollinator Count event by adding the details to this flyer.

Insect ID quick guide

Insect ID quick guide

Except where otherwise noted, content in this guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license (CC-by-NC-4.0). You are welcome to use it for non-commercial purposes with appropriate attribution. Read more on this here.

4 thoughts on “Run Your Own Count Event

    • Hi Paul, We don’t, but we’re also happy for participants to use a common name or to send us a photo of the plant, if they’d like help for a submission. Or maybe you’re suggesting you know one that we should link to?


  1. Hi Karen, we are looking to do a pollinator count in November this year (2019) and are hoping to get a local school engaged. We are looking for an educator who might like to give a talk about pollinators and their importance to a group of primary school students. Can you recommend anyone who might be interested in this? We are based in Sunshine Victoria.


  2. Hi, Karen. I’m in WA and use your pollinator count as a class activity for my Year 10 Animal Production course. I realise that some of our pollinators differ to yours but I’ve endeavoured to find supplementary information re local pollinators. Thank you for providing this wonderful project.


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