Wild Pollinator Count starts Sunday!

Autumn 2020 Wild Pollinator Count starts this Sunday 12 April and runs until the following Sunday 19 April. Take time out with nature for 10 minutes and get to know the insects in your backyard!

Find out how to contribute here. It just takes 10 minutes: find a flower to watch and record what you see. You can watch any flower you like, even weeds, and you can do as many counts as you want during the count week! Observations must be submitted via our online form.

We’ve got lots of tips to help you identify what you see on our resources page. You can share your pics with us via our iNaturalist page, or on social media with the #ozpollinators hashtag (observations must be submitted via our website to be included in the count data).

Happy counting! We understand some people won’t be able to contribute this time, as staying at home is priority right now. Our next count will be on in November. Stay safe and well and hope you enjoy getting to know the insects in your neighbourhood.


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