Inaugural results are in!

Thank you for contributing to our inaugural wild pollinator count! We had a total of 33 responses from the Albury/Wodonga greater region for our little trial run, with a grand total of 391 insects observed on a wide array of flowers. Below, we’ve included a short summary of some of the observations you contributed. And thank you for the positive feedback. It’s wonderful to find out how much interest there is in wild pollinators and how many people are keen to enhance their identification skills. The exciting news is you can watch flowers again next year!

We will be developing a new website over the next few months, with more identification resources, more photos and some exciting extras. With so much interest in wild pollinators and their seasonal distribution, we will aim to run the pollinator count twice a year, in autumn and spring. We also want to include observations beyond the Albury region, so please talk about the project with friends, family and colleagues and contact us if you have any questions. Make sure to keep an eye on the website. You can subscribe to the site for email updates by clicking the ‘Follow’ button.

Happy wild pollinator watching!

N.B. ‘Other’ includes ants, other beetles & predatory insects, like spiders.

2014 map

Where pollinators were observed

What pollinators were observed

What pollinators were observed

What plants were observed

What plants were observed


What time pollinators were observed

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