Wild Pollinator Photo Competition

Wild pollinator photography competition flyer
Competition flyer – click to view as PDF

Presented by Slopes to Summit and Wild Pollinator Count

Relatively little is known about many of the thousands of pollinator insects in our area.

Noticing them is a great first step. Photographing them presents extra challenges.

Whether you have a phone camera, a point-and-shoot or a DSLR we’re encouraging you to take some snaps of pollinator insects you see.

We’re interested not only in the “best” photos but also the “near misses” and the story behind your photo.

Over $1,000 in prizes to award.

Competition Categories

  1. POLLINATOR PORTRAIT – any photo that showcases one pollinator insect (other insects may be present in the background, but are not the focal point of the image).
  2. MULTIPLE POLLINATOR INSECTS – photos that have more than one insect in them, whether many insects of the same type or a diversity of species.
  3. NEAR MISS– getting a great shot of insects can be tricky. This category is for shots that didn’t work as planned (e.g. blurry, part of insect out of frame), but still show an insect was there.
  4. STUDENT – open only to those under 18 years of age.
  5. OZPOLLINATORS – any photo showcasing the amazing diversity of Australian pollinator species.

N.B. Categories 1-4 are only open to people in the region covered by our sponsors, Slopes 2 Summit. If you are unsure if you are eligible, view the S2S map here. Category 5 is open to anyone across Australia.

Each photo should be accompanied by a descriptive caption (less than 100 words).

Entries will be judged on their ability to engage as well as their photographic merit. Entries will be considered across all the categories they are relevant to.

We will also award prizes for a photo by camera type – one each for photos taken with a

  • mobile (phone/tablet)
  • point and shoot camera

You will be asked to state which camera type you used to take your image. These categories will be judged after the main categories; winners from the main categories will be excluded from this round of judging.

For ideas as to which insects you might like to photograph, browse the information and links about bees, flies, butterflies & moths, beetles, wasps and more on this site.

How to enter:

To apply complete the online form and email us your photos.

Note that only photographs of pollinators taken in the month of November 2015, are eligible.

Entries close at 5pm on the 27th of November 2015.
Entry is FREE.

All entries will be displayed online.

For more information contact Karen Retra, Wild Pollinator Count, by email wildpollinatorcount@gmail.com or calling 0428 629 099.

Download our S2S Wild Pollinator Count photo competition poster.

This competition is supported by the Slopes to Summit Partnership of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust.

2 thoughts on “Wild Pollinator Photo Competition

    1. Hi Erica,
      The Slopes 2 Summit group are partnering with us in the Albury Region for this count, so the competition prizes have been kindly sponsored by them; hence, the focus on the S2S region. However, we have just updated the competition page and will now also include a category for Australian pollinators outside the S2S region. We also hope to make this comp a permanent fixture of the national count, once we are back to normal transmission next year!


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