Submission form closes Sunday

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Wild Pollinator Count last week!

Just a reminder the submission form will remain open until this Sunday 25 April to give you time to enter your observations – remember we can only accept counts conducted during the count week 11-18 April.

Once the submission form closes, we will start cleaning and collating the data. Results will be posted here sometime in May!

The Spring 2021 count will run again in November.

Thanks for counting!

2 thoughts on “Submission form closes Sunday

  1. As I now have my own hive my count would not have counted and due to the inclement weather and my recent discharge from hospital I was unable to get out to other areas to do a count.

    Best regards and thank you for your good work.

    Ron Welsh


  2. Dear Manu,

    My NBN was down on Sunday and could not post. Location: Hampton East Weather was overcast. Garden has a mix of exotics, natives & edibles. Counted – 13 Aphidus Wasps – 1 ladybird, ?Harmonia conformis – 1 lacewing – too many aphids


    Regards, Sky Ler

    Sent from my iPhone



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