Last chance to count for spring 2019

Wild Pollinator Count ends this weekend! Counts can be done anywhere in Australia until Sunday night, 17 November.

We will leave the submission form open until next weekend to allow everyone time to get their counts uploaded.

Hope you enjoyed counting, wherever you were this spring. Many parts of Australia are experiencing unprecedented weather and fire conditions. It will be interesting to see how wildlife, including our wild pollinators, respond to these conditions in coming years.

If you weren’t able to count this spring, our next count will run 12-19 April 2020.

Hoverfly on Mexican Orange Blossom by Kay Muddiman


4 thoughts on “Last chance to count for spring 2019

  1. The drought and bush fire have devastated flowering plants and as a result while I took surveys the result was zero tolerance pollinators. So disappointing.


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