It’s autumn count time!

The wait is over…Autumn Wild Pollinator Count starts this weekend. You can do a count anywhere in Australia, any time between 14 to 21 April 2019 (Sunday to Sunday). Please submit your observations via our online submission form.

If you’re new to Wild Pollinator Count, find out how to count here. Also check out our frequently asked questions and don’t forget the identification resources page, including our guide to identify the differences between bees, flies and wasps.

Looking for some inspiration or reminders of what you might see during a count? Be sure to check out some of the photos contributed during our recent counts (spring 2018 and autumn 2018).

If you use iNaturalist, we’ve started a project for Wild Pollinator Count on that platform so feel free to join it and add any photos to the project. Note that you should still submit your observations via our website to be included in the results for this count period.

And don’t forget to tag us on social media with the hashtag #OzPollinators!




2 thoughts on “It’s autumn count time!

  1. Great project! Can’t wait to contribute in November.
    Just wondering why none of the observations from this project are listed as data on the Atlas of Living Australia? The project is listed but the data isn’t there???

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    1. Hi Anna,
      Thanks for your interest!
      We tried to enable submissions via ALA (using a BioCollect form) but it didn’t work out. So we kept the listing there but it points to our website for submissions.
      For those looking to add sightings that will be added to ALA directly (if ID can be verified), we’ve just recently started an iNaturalist project: . If you’re an iNaturalist user (or would like to check out their ‘getting started’ info), that might be of interest?
      Otherwise, we’d love to receive your observations in November, during our spring count period.

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