One week to go

We hope you’ve been out spotting wild pollinators in your local area over the summer!

The autumn count is fast approaching (one week to go!). So if you participated in the spring 2017 count, this is your chance to see what’s changed in your backyard.

The next count runs from 8-15 April 2018same rules apply, watch a flower for 10 minutes on a warm sunny day and tell us what you see via the form on our website.

Also have a look at some of our previous blog posts on how to make sure your garden is an attractive spot for pollinators, especially over winter (hopefully you don’t have to go to Queensland to find some).



4 thoughts on “One week to go

    1. Hi Cheryl!
      Join in by doing a 10 minute count on a flowering plant next week (any time from April 8th to 15th).
      The links in the post (or a browse of our site) will give you all the info. Simply do your count and submit your observations via our online form. And if you’d like, you can join our email list for updates. Just pop your details in at Hope you’ll join in!
      Cheers, Karen

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  1. Hi there, over 200 hives have recently been installed in the paddock across the road, they are all within about 500m of my garden which is hopping with bees. I’m pretty sure this would throw results out as it has been so dry there are few other insects around except for European wasps, compared to past years. Do I still help count?

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    1. Hello! You’re still welcome to count – you might like to note the situation in the ‘other details’ field of your submission, so we’re aware that you have lots of honey bee hives nearby. I wonder if you can tell what the beekeeper has in mind for them to forage on (any Eucalypts or similar in flower nearby?). It would be really interesting to compare your results with and without them there (but not always easy to do, so just a suggestion!). Other folks who have their own honey bee or stingless bee hives have counted with us, and made a note about that. There are probably quite a few participants who would be unaware of hives in their neighbourhood, and that’s fine too. We’ll be very interested to see if you do find some other insects also in the mix, if you decide to count this season. Thanks for checking! 🙂

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