Final Countdown!

There’s only one more day to do a Wild Pollinator Count! You can do a 10 minute count until Sunday night, November 20. The submission form will remain open until November 27, to give everyone time to submit observations.

If you took photos of any insects you counted as part of your submission, you can send your photos to us at Or you can share it with us via: our album on Flickr; by joining our Wild Pollinator Count project in Bowerbird; or by adding our hashtag #OzPollinators to your tweet on Twitter.

Thanks for joining in our Spring 2016 Wild Pollinator Count! Our data managers will post a summary of the results by mid-December.

Our next count will be in autumn 2017, from 9-16 April.

A hover fly (top) and a drone fly (bottom) share a blossom. Both these flies belong to the same taxonomic family.

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