Thank you for counting!

The autumn 2016 count is now over. Thanks to all who contributed observations!

The submission form will remain open until Sunday April 24 for you to submit your observations. From a quick glance through the observations we’ve received so far, residents from at least 5 states have participated. We’re looking forward to finding out what wild pollinators they’ve seen!

The next spring count will be on between 13-20 November 2016. In the meantime, you can still share any wild pollinator sightings and resources on social media using the #ozpollinators hashtag. We also have a Bowerbird project and a Flickr album you can view all year round.

Happy wild pollinator spotting!

2 thoughts on “Thank you for counting!

  1. I am trying to enter my results. I did 5 counts but I cannot find how to submit. I have filled in the form and each time I get to the end and cannot find any “submit” thing to make it save and enter the results to send to you. Please advise. There are a while lot of things at the bottom like face book twitter etc but they do not appear to go to you but to me. Am I misunderstanding something here?


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