Photo Competition Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Wild Pollinator Count & Slopes 2 Summit Photo Competition! We were excited by the diversity of wild pollinator insects captured by the entrants. Taking photos of pollinators can be tricky – even expert photographers have plenty of ‘near misses’ too. Taking photos can also be a great help in trying to identify the insect later, or to provide a record of your observation.

We are pleased to announce 10 prizewinners across the competition categories. We are grateful to Slopes 2 Summit and the NSW Government Environmental Trust for providing these prizes.


POLLINATOR PORTRAIT: Stephen Schilg, Macro honey bee

By Stephen Schilg: macro honey bee


MULTIPLE POLLINATOR INSECTS: Angela Cook, Native bee and blue banded bee

By Angela Cook: Native bee and blue banded bee


NEAR MISS: Joanne Diver, Blurry bee with salvia

By Joanne Diver: Blurry bee and salvia


STUDENT: Matilda Willinck, beetle on Burgan

By Matilda Willinck: Beetle on Burgan


MOBILE PHONE/TABLET: Dan Jones, Silky oak bees

By Dan Jones: Silky Oak Bees


POINT & SHOOT CAMERA: Joanne Diver, Pollinator stopped by for a drink

By Joanne Diver: Pollinator stopped by for a drink


OZPOLLINATORS (4 winners):

Erica Siegel, Homalictus urbanus on salvia

By Erica Siegel: Homalictus urbanus foraging on Red Salvia


Faye Arcaro, Paper wasp on milkweed

By Faye Arcaro: Paper wasp on milkweed


Yvonne Davila, Wasp are you lookin’ at?

By Yvonne Davila: Wasp are you lookin' at?!


Iris Curran, Sawfly on Flying Duck orchid

By Iris Curran: sawfly on Flying Duck Orchid


Each prizewinner will receive a voucher for photography gear or books to the value of $100.  You can view all the entries in our Flickr album.

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