Time to count!

The third National Wild Pollinator Count is here! Take a 10 minute break and join in anywhere in Australia, any time between 15-22 November.

You can find all the details on how to count here and have a look at our counting FAQ if you have any questions. If you are in the Albury region, we have a number of events on this week, including a public talk at the Albury Botanic Gardens by native bee enthusiast Dr Michael Batley.

We are also excited to announce a new resource, just in time for the count! This handy identification guide shows some of the most common pollinator insects you might see on your flowers. The guide illustrates common pollinator insects found in the south-west slopes of New South Wales/north-east Victoria regions, but you are likely to see many similar species across Australia. Thanks to the Slopes2Summit Partnership and NSW Environmental Trust for helping us develop this great resource.

Happy pollinator counting!


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